About the Author

Award winning author Dick Morgan has been writing and publishing short stories for 50 years. He won a National Endowment for the Arts for short stories in 1982. He won first place in the Kay Snow (Willamette Writers) Writing Competition (with Vido’s Stone) in 1983. His first collection of short stories, Sailing Away, was published in 2000. His non-fiction book, Warrior Mind: Strategy and Philosophy from the Martial Arts, was published with high reviews in 2009. His children’s Christmas fable, The Archangel’s Gift, was published in 2013 and earned a rave review from Foreword Clarion. A second edition was published in 2019. Dick Morgan is a retired firefighter/paramedic, and Korean Hapkido 7th Dan. He lives with his wife Lonnie in Portland, Oregon.